About Us

Welcome to BackCountry Radios, where every adventure begins with reliable communication. Est. 2024

Born from a passion for the great outdoors, our journey began in the heart of the Monashee Mountain Range in British Columbia. We were a small group of friends—outdoor enthusiasts, explorers at heart, always eager to conquer the next peak and traverse uncharted paths. In the wild, we quickly recognized the critical importance of staying connected. Quality communication was not just a convenience; it was a necessity to ensure the safety and well-being of every member of our group.

Motivated by our experiences and driven by our commitment to the safety of all adventurers, we decided to extend our mission beyond our circle. Our goal was clear: to ensure that all explorers could venture forth confidently, knowing they could stay connected in even the most remote corners of the world.

As we grew, so did our offerings. Today, BackCountry Radios is proud to provide a curated collection of the leading brands in communication technology. Whether you're scaling mountains, crossing deserts, or exploring the forests of the far north, we have something tailored for everyone's needs.

At BackCountry Radios, we believe that with the right equipment, every journey can be made safer and every adventure more enjoyable. Explore with us, and stay connected wherever your travels take you.