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BackCountry radios | BackCountry Safety

BackCountry radios | BackCountry Safety

Daniel Mennear|
BackCountry Safety,How to survive in the back country and which communications devices are the best and most reliable for you and your friends and family to depend on.Why it's important to stay in touch.

BackCountry Safety

Being Prepared and relying on Quality

how to survive in nature?
To survive nature's challenges, ensuring communication for help is key. Various tools like VHF Radios and GPS devices are available to stay connected during outdoor activities, enhancing safety and enjoyment by being proactive and prepared. Although there many manufacturers of such products, It’s always important to do your homework first to ensure you’re getting the best quality and reliable brand available to you.

Moving forward with the best quality, Reliable brands
Established in early 2023. BackCountry Radios was developed under the realized lack of good communications for back country enthusiasts. While many adventurers remain dependant on older technology, Times are charging and so are our way’s of keeping in touch with friends and family while exploring. Therefore it is our mission the get new Quality brands into the hands of explorers to sure they’re well equipped for mother nature. BackCountry Radios has developed it’s own exclusive brand “AlpinaX”, Made with light weight and quality materials, As well as full IP67 Waterproof rating. Capable of standing up to any enduring conditions you may experience. BackCountry radios has also teamed up with leading brands such as Oxbow gear & Baofeng. More brands are on the way as well as new technology to change the way we continue to communicate in the great outdoors!

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