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12,000Ft Above Cherryville, BC

12,000Ft Above Cherryville, BC

Daniel Mennear|
The Hidden Beauty of Cherryville, BC, Canada. And insiders perspective from 12,000FT above the hidden community in mid spring.
12,000 Feet above Cherryville, The Old Northfork RR road displays some of the most amazing views of the small community of Cherryville, BC. Many logging roads are within minutes drive of the village centre. Each giving it’s own unique view of the Monashee Mountain range. Adventures here never end, always giving more direction to explore.
May is an amazing time of the year. While still having high Alpine snow to explore with your snowmobile or Snowbike. and lower altitudes being dry enough to get out your summer toys. May is very much the multi-sport month of the year while the transition to summer creeps up!

hile traversing the rugged terrain of the Monashee mountains. It’s crucial to stay in touch with group members for your safety and theirs. The diverse range comes with many unique challenges and you never know when you might need to ask for help!

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